To Those Who Want to Make an Impact on the World

By Bianca Glenn Class of 2022

Dear those who want to make an impact on the world,

On December 9th I got asked, “How do you create an experience through conversation?”. At first glance, the question intimidated me, but I usually have fun answering philosophical questions, so I didn’t mind this challenge.

First, I decided to explore what an experience is. I found myself surfing the internets and wound up on the Collins Dictionary website. I found multiple definitions of what an experience was, but out of the many definitions, two resonated with me: “an experience is something that you do or that happens to you, especially something important that affects you” and an “experience is used to refer to the past events, knowledge, and feelings that make up someone’s life or character.”

This means an experience can affect a person both indirectly and directly, but only if what that person has been through carried some sort of importance or value. For example, you just walked out of Baskin-Robbins with cookies and cream ice cream in your hand, you’re about to take your first lick, but then somebody bumps into you and your ice cream falls on the ground. Now you’re probably mad because you were so hyped to eat that ice cream, but if it weren’t for that guy on the bike you would’ve been enjoying it. Even if you didn’t get mad, you still felt some way about your ice cream getting knocked on the ground. Because of this experience, you will probably be more cautious about holding ice cream outside of Baskin-Robbins since you value the enjoyment that comes from eating ice cream.

Experiences are unforgettable events whether “bad” or “good”  that stay with you for the rest of your life and shape how you view the world, ultimately impacting how you will be handling different situations moving forward. Events are usually unforgettable when they are unexpected, and life is filled with many unexpected events, but how we handle the abruptness of life trickles back to how experiences have impacted us in the past.

So to steer back to the question “How do you create an experience through conversation?”, the truth is we don’t have control over creating experiences in a conversation. The only way we would know if we have created an experience through a conversation is when it is revealed to us by their actions or when the other person has acknowledged how the conversation made them feel. For example, imagine you’re a motivational speaker and you’ve just dropped a video on instagram sharing  the message that “it’s okay to fall, but after, work on getting back up”. The next day you’re watching someone’s Instagram story and it’s a video of themselves sharing the highlights of their day. At the end of the video, they say exactly this: “It’s okay to fall, but after work on getting back up”. It is in this instance that you realize you’ve made an impact on someone else’s life from the words you shared in your video because you can see they have soaked in your message. A week later, someone DMs you and tells you how much your message helped them. This too is confirmation that what you said in your video left a positive impact on the life of another person.

Ultimately, when we share our experiences with another person, the impact it has created through the conversation can depend on how much the person knew before the conversation, what experiences they went through themselves, what they value, and if the conversation was useful.

After exploring this broad yet exciting question, I realized that we may never know if we’ve left an impact on a person for the better. We’re all just trying to make the world less worse and it can be hard not knowing if you’ve added to the world’s messiness or if you’ve made it more bearable for those around you.

Since we don’t have control over how people recieve our actions, we should focus on what we do have control over: our intentions and the actions we take.

We often forget that we’re each born with talents. We’re so used to praising certain talents, like singing or dancing, that the talents that get less recognition are seen as insignificant. 

To tell you the truth, no talent is better than the other. Every talent is unique and can be used to help anybody. We need to start focusing on how we can use our talents to help someone.

If drawing is your thing, start sharing your artwork. Your artwork could literally be the thing that makes someone’s day. If you write, the stories you write can be the voice of others who have remained silent. If you give great advice (yes this is a talent), share your advice and knowledge, there is always someone in the world who needs to hear it. If you know how to encourage others, text a friend some encouraging words, trust me, it will make their day.

I know this year it was hard to even know if what you have been doing to comfort those around you has been enough whether at home, school, work, or anywhere. Many of you are probably thinking, does it even make sense to keep trying to help those around you, how can I even make an impact during this time?

You can still make an impact on someone’s life during this time even if you worry about if what you are doing will actually help a person in some way. Don’t hold back, there’s always someone out there who needs your help. Even if how you help doesn’t help one person there’s always another person waiting for you to help them. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you have helped a large crowd (like Jesus) or if you have helped two people in your entire life, the number of people you have helped doesn’t define you. What matters is you’ve helped make the world less painful to live in, and that my friends, is a big accomplishment. 

‘Pluto x Baby Pluto’ Produce Out Of This World Record

By Trayvon Abrams Class of 2023

Future (Left) aka Pluto

Lil Uzi Vert (Right) aka Baby Pluto

Rappers Lil Uzi Vert and Future, aka Baby Pluto and Pluto, have recently dropped their long awaited album titled ‘Baby Pluto x Pluto’. Many rap fans have been waiting on this project because these two have similar nicknames and styles. The top songs on this album according to the Soundcloud stats are Real Baby Pluto, She Never Been to Pluto, and That’s It. They also dropped the Deluxe Version that includes more songs which really got fans excited such as Baby Sasuke and Tic Tac. This album also landed a top ten spot on Billboard Top 100 and excited UCHS students because many often refer to Lil Uzi as the “GOAT”. Both rappers have respectable careers and are only going to take off even further. I think I speak for many hip hop fans at UCHS and can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two, whether they are solo or combining their genius musical minds together in another collab album. Let me know what you think in the comments.

In the Depths

By Serenna Antoine Class of 2022

Special to the Uncommon Times from Truth and Storytelling High School 2.0

In Truth and Storytelling students read, watch and analyze powerful works from a range of storytellers, exploring their truths as they relate to our own. More importantly, however, we tell our own, authentic stories, expressing our thoughts and feelings about the themes and issues that matter most to us.

In the Depths

Donna noticed them say that the ocean is like a door to vast and constant opportunity

I completely agree

Only to an extent though

And to this extent I can tell you that the Ocean is both a blessing and a curse

The beautiful way the water dances when the wind blows can be the same waters that end up nasty with waste of the human’s nonchalance

Listen to the waves crash onto the shore, just like the ones that crash upon the house of others who have no way of calling for help

And must float upon their own furniture to survive

Notice how the water is calm and seems cool enough to dip your toe, now notice how the fish are struggling to breathe because oil was spilled in the ocean and how plastic has decided to wrap themself around the neck of a creature who had the foolish moment of curiosity for an object unknown to their world

When the body of water is calling your name, don’t listen

Look at the way the girl on the bridge admires the rushing waves of the sea, and blink once and tell me if you see her now

Well, do you?

Of course not, she ha jumped to the waves because she was told the water is an opportunity for freedom

For relief

The water is a beautiful tragedy that has been bestowed upon us, and yet you still haven’t realized that the ocean is like a mother gently caressing our minds with the lies it has told other people

The ocean may be a mother but it is also that demon that creeps into your nightmares, that keep you paralyzed as you panic for fresh air

Stuck in a captivating and wondrous pocket of blue that takes the eyes of the innocent and steals their life when they cannot see

They say the ocean is like a door to vast and constant opportunity

I don’t agree

Only to an extent though

And to this extent I can tell you that the ocean will tell you they love you and take you from the dry and safe ground, only to send you into a void of nothingness, waiting to prune and decompose just because you didn’t notice its lies

But don’t listen to little old me, go ahead and take your opportunity, I’m sure it wouldn’t kill you

The King of All Animes? I’d Say It’s ‘One Piece’

A Crew that Eats Together Bleeds Together

By Rodley Charles Class of 2022

The Straw Hat crew eating their first meal together after being apart for two years.


I bet you read the title … but first let me explain. The show “One Piece” is a story that takes place over the course of four months. The series was written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and has appeared in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 1997. The show has also been running for 23 years. The series is about a boy named Monkey D. Luffy (aka Straw Hat), who has the strong ambition from his childhood to be “The King Of the Pirates.” To be said king, Luffy puts together a crew of the best people and skills to set out and find the hidden one piece ‒ a mysterious treasure. The one piece was said to be hidden by the legendary pirate king Gol D. Roger (who was executed publicly by the World Government at which time he took it upon himself to announce this to the world). 

The legend has it that the one who finds the one piece will be declared “The King of the Pirates”. Those who dare to go in search of the treasure journey across seas riddled with peculiar islands and their creatures, luxurious kingdoms, and ominous societies of people. 

Meet the main characters:

Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy is a fun, spontaneous, and seemingly ignorant character who sets out to become the “King of the Pirates.” He is also incredibly strong and doesn’t back down from a fight no matter how daunting it may look. Although he is strong, he values friendship, loyalty, and the individuality of those around him; especially his crew.

“Cat BurglarNami

Nami is a smart and cunning character who specializes in robbing pirates and making maps. As a child she was adopted by a marine soldier who raised her and was shot by pirates in a raid on their home. She is the crew’s navigator and weather forecaster.

Vinsmoke“Black Leg” Sanji

Sanji is the cook of the crew and is the fifth member. Although he is a cook he is one of the main fighters second to Roronoa Zoro the swordsman. He has an extreme affinity for women.

Roronoa “Pirate Hunter” Zoro

Zoro is the swordsman and fighter of the crew and the second member and the first to join. He is pretty nonchalant about things that happen but his sword skill is to be wary of because of the fact that he wields three swords.

Nico Robin

Robin was formerly an antagonist of the crew solely to pursue her dream of finding the Rio Poneglyph which holds the true history of the world especially the Void Century (nothing was recorded about this gap in history). Robin has a pessimistic outlook on life but can be described as nonchalant and “real”.

“God” Usopp

Usopp is a very comical character and serves as the sniper of the crew.  After working with the Straw Hats to defeat Kuro and the Black Cat Pirates, he was invited to join the crew. Usopp can be characterized as a pessimist with no courage until it matters most.

 Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper is a reindeer who has gained the abilities of a human after consuming a Devil Fruit. He serves as the crew’s ship doctor and was raised by a doctor who accepted him on his island and did not shun him for being different.


Franky is one of the main characters in One Piece and the shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is a cyborg that is all metal with the exception of his back. He used to be leader of the Franky Family, a group of ship dismantlers.

Later Crew Members:

“Soul King” Brook

Brook is the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates and one of the main characters of One Piece. He is a skeleton that the Straw Hats found on board of a ghost ship after drifting into the Florian Triangle.

“Knight of the Sea” Jinbe

Jinbe is the helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the tenth member of the crew and the ninth to join. Jinbe is a fishman and was formerly part of the Sun pirates. He was the master of Fishman Karate.


Luffy and his crew set out to make new friends and enemies all over the world while sight-seeing, fighting, and indulging in the diversity of their world. They will also fight the World Government Navy, its admirals, ferocious beasts, and agents of the government. In some instances the crew will also pay for the blunders and comically adventurous spirit Luffy has, while also forging trust and a willingness to stick it out in the very end. 

Uncommon’s 2020 NBA Mock Draft

by Uncommon Times Sports Editor, Jonathan Mayers class of 2021

Despite the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world of sports, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and his team will host the NBA draft tomorrow, November 18th to decide the future of the NBA. I chose the top four prospects and one sleeper pick. Let me know in the comments who I left out!

  1. Minnesota Timberwolves

Anthony Edwards, SG (University of Georgia)

What may seem as a controversial #1 draft pick is not in my eyes. The 6’5″ guard coming out of the University of Georgia is the clear number #1 pick. After averaging nearly 20 points per game at UGA, the combo guard would be a perfect fit in the Minnesota offense. With a dominant center in Karl-Anthony Towns, the combo guard could potentially form a triangle offense in Minnesota with himself, Towns, and all star point guard D’Angelo Russell. Edwards recently stated that he wants his defense to show in his game to make him an all around player.

2. Golden State Warriors

Lamelo Ball, SG/SF (Illawarra Hawks)

Growing eight inches from the start of his freshman year up to draft night, the 6´8″ wing has created a household name for himself. Ball has had quite the basketball journey as well. First, his outstanding 92 point performance during his high school days with the dominant Chino Hills squad alongside his two older brothers LiAngelo and Lonzo Ball. Then his short stint in Lithuania followed by transferring back to Spire Academy in Ohio for his senior year. Finally Ball chose not to play college basketball and instead played professionally overseas in Australia for the Illawarra Hawks where he averaged 17 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 6.8 assists per game. Ball will fit perfectly and greatly entertain fans in this infamous Golden State offense playing alongside the Splash Brothers (Steph Curry and Klay Thompson). After impressing Warriors´ scouts in his workout Golden State may be looking to birth another sharpshooter into the family. 

3. Charlotte Hornets

James Wiseman, C (University of Memphis)

Despite his season being cut short due to his head coach, NBA legend Penny Hardaway, paying his family to move to Memphis, Wiseman proved himself to play a pivotal role in the Memphis offense. This 7´1″ center has a wide frame, excellent agility, and can shoot from the perimeter. These traits would be a great help to Miles Bridges and upcoming guard Devontae Graham who is coming off a career season. The trio of Wiseman, Bridges and Graham could possibly add to Hornets owner Michael Jordan´s legacy if they are able to have success.

4. Chicago Bulls

Obi Toppin PF, (University of Dayton)

The 230lb, 6´9″ forward hailing from Brooklyn, NY morphed into a phenomenal NBA prototype during his time at Dayton University. Toppin, who averaged an impressive 20 points 7.5 boards, and 2.2 assists per game is a three level scorer who can finish at will. Toppin can be an excellent addition to make the Bulls a possible playoff contender. Alongside rising all-star Zach Lavine Toppin can manifest his dominant pick and roll ability if drafted in the Windy City.


Myles Powell , SG (Seton Hall University), Potential 1st Round Pick

Personally, my favorite sleeper pick in the draft is Myles Powell. This 6´2″ guard is an excellent deep range shooter whose four years at Seton Hall made him a Big East household name setting Seton Hall records. The graduating senior guard and Big East Player of the Year put up some outstanding numbers in the 2019-2020 season. Powell averaged 21 points per game and shot nearly 40% from the field. His deep range shooting may not directly translate to the NBA due to the increase in competition, but surely in this upcoming season you will see Powell getting buckets.  This combo guard is the definition of ‘it is not how you start it is how you finish.’

Tune in to the draft tomorrow, 11/18 @ 8:00 PM on ESPN. Let me know in the comments who I missed!  

Sabers Two Wins Away from PSAL Glory

By Sports Editor Jonathan Mayers Class of 2021

Last Saturday, the Sabers defeated the Bathgate High School Dragons 61-49 and are currently two wins away from securing the first PSAL Basketball championship in Uncommon Charter history. With two consecutive wins, a city championship included, the Sabers can punch their ticket to the NYS Federation State Playoffs. Senior guard Ahzariah Douglas put the team on his back with an impressive  28 points, 19 rebounds, and nine steals while shooting 8/12 from the free throw line. The tenacious Saber defense kept the Bathgate offense stagnant as only two players scored over double-digits in Saturday’s quarterfinal matchup. 

pic 2
Photo By Jonathan Mayers IG: drop4visuals

The Sabers have been on this trajectory before. Last year, the Sabers fell short as Fannie Lou HS in a 46-35 defeat in the semi-finals. But this year, rival Achievement First Brooklyn HS took care of Fannie Lou in a nailbiting 55-54 victory Saturday afternoon. 

For a Class ‘B’ team to show up with immense talent is incredible. But talent is not going to get one over the hill it takes hard work. No Class ‘B’ team has done what the Sabers have. Within this one season the Sabers have faced 4 Class “AA” teams and have showed up in every single of those games, the Sabers know it is their destiny for a city championship and coming up short is not an option. 


Photo By Jonathan Mayers IG: drop4visuals

The Sabers take on the Adams Street Eagles on Sunday March 15th in the semi-final playoffs. Location and time is TBD — Follow uncommon_times_ on instagram for updates. 


HS 2.0: All About LEEP


By Adia Brooks and Aleandra Enoe

Here at UCHS tenth graders are given the opportunity to be in electives, and we wanted to find out more about it. Welcome to LEEP. A member of LEEP, Halle Pierre, said, “Here students learn Life lessons, how to react to situations positively, and how to overcome challenges.

We sat down with student Kayla Bruche and the director of LEEP, Ms. Fuller, to ask a few questions about what this class was like. They gave us an inside scoop into the purpose of LEEP, and how it is run.

Uncommon Times: What does a typical class look like?

Kayla Bruche: Students are asked about their dream careers and given steps on how to get there. In LEEP we are finding ourselves and are taught how to build a foundation for our future

Ms. Fuller: A lot of times when we go to different schools we see that there is a lack of seeing what they want to do outside of school, different career opportunities that they can pursue inside of high school. So, we wanted to open the floor in a session where students can talk about themselves, their experiences, and also what they are interested in right now, inside of high school and then later outside of high school. A lot of times students graduate from high school and they still don’t know what they are going to do next. A lot of times students end up taking a gap year and within that gap year they just like to sit back and chill. So we try to educate students on the different opportunities so that when they are at that level, they are prepared.

Uncommon Times: How has LEEP changed you?

Kayla Bruche: LEEP has given me a better point of view on how to look at things. Before I came to LEEP i never knew that you can take a gap year. I learn new things everyday. I learn different point of views that make me look at situations differently than how I used to look at them.

Uncommon Times: How has LEEP affected your life?

Kayla Bruche: LEEP has caused me to dig deep into what I really like and what I want to do forever. LEEP has shown me the things that I can do to get to that path. It’s shown me how to think and how to prepare myself.

In conclusion, LEEP gives students an escape from the academic world and prepares them for the real world. It helps them make better life decisions and allows them to see a different perspective on real life situations.


Unfinished Business: Sabers Soar into Postseason with all Eyes on a Championship

By Jonathan Mayers Sports Editor

The Sabers concluded a historic season with a 65-43 win over AF Brooklyn High School in the Battle of 1485 Pacific Street, finishing the 2019-2020 regular season with a perfect 15-0 in conference record while improving to 24-2 overall.  

Despite tough non-conference losses from Green Tech High School and Watchung Hills, top high schools in their respective states, the Sabers have continued to prove themselves as a PSAL Class B powerhouse. 

Led by ’20 guard Ahzariah Douglas, who brought the fuel to every fire this season, by averaging a near double-double with 18.3 points and 9.3 rebounds per game will have to set the trend to lead the team to a city and state championship, and avenge last year’s Final Four loss to Fannie Lou High School. AZLine

The strategic mind of Coach Andrew Wright allowed the Sabers to find great success this season. By calling various trap defensive schemes, unguardable offense sets, and instilling unshakeable and trademark ATTITUDE in the Sabers, Wright’s leadership has led to a multitude of blowouts in conference play. 

All assistant coaches and team managers have played a big role in supporting the Sabers on their great season.  From traveling, to stat keeping, and publishing articles these people have complimented the Sabers’ success in various important ways. 

With the 2019-2020 regular season in the books, the Sabers have some unfinished postseason business to handle. This week is the PSAL Borough Playoffs. The top ten teams from each borough face off for higher seeding in the PSAL City Playoffs. The Sabers are in elite company as they have surrounded themselves with top tier “AA” and “A” teams such as Benjamin Banneker Academy, South Shore High School, Eagle Academy, Boys & Girls High School, and Brooklyn Collegiate High School. 

First, the Sabers must first handle Abraham Lincoln High School, an iconic school in Coney Island that has produced both talents such as Stephon Marbury and Isaiah Whitehead who both became NBA players.

The Sabers face Lincoln High School on Monday, February 10th at 5:00 PM in the Uncommon Charter High School Gym. 



Maxwell, Douglas catch monsterous slams on Senior Night

By Sports Editor Jonathan Mayers

Sophomores Willking Grullon and Silverio Veras shot by @drop4visuals

Last night, on Senior Night the Sabers showed out for their last regular season home game against Bushwick Leaders High School 63-38. Senior guards Ahzariah Douglas and Shannon Maxwell caught eclectic slam dunks to hype up the Saber crowd. Douglas led the pack with 16 points and the Sabers improved to (22-2) on the season. 

The first quarter was a highlight show, the senior guards opened up with a tough and one basket followed by aggressive drives to the lane by captain Caleb Brown who shot ⅗ from the line converting 60 percent of his and free throws. 

Senior guard Shannon Maxwell saw ample playing on senior night. Maxwell brought the fuel to the fire catching an insane body over a center and, obtaining a near double-double on his last home game of the season totatling 10 points and eight rebounds, including three on the offensive end allowing his team to get second chance opportunities.

The sophomore guard duo of Silverio Veras and Willking Gruillon were able to compliment their senior teammates with precision play on both ends of the court. Veras knocked down a left corner three immediately after entering the game to get the bench and crowd hyped up. On the opposite side, UCC student Gruillion swatted his opponents shot out of play into the senior posters which echoed throughout the whole gymnasium. 

Despite various tough shots by Bushwick Leaders entering into the second half that silenced the Saber crowd, the Sabers increased the intensity in the second half outscoring Bushwick Leaders 33-18.  The 24 point blowout win proved once again why the Sabers are the #1 team in the PSAL B division with eyes on avenging last year’s Final Four loss and fulfilling their destiny as city and state champions. 

The Sabers return to the gym for a non-league PSAL Showcase, which displays top talent throughout the NYC PSAL league. The Sabers; who play in the invitational look to handle business against Bathgate High School, and improve their non-league record to (7-2) with a win on Sunday February 2nd, 2020 

Location for the game is 1485 Pacific Street, Brooklyn NY, 11216. Come to support your fellow Sabers #ATTITUDE ! 

Sabers Showout in Front of College Coaches, Defeat Science Skills by 71 Points

By Sports Editor Jonathan Mayers

The Sabers continued their flawless season with a 71 point blowout victory improving to 7-0 in front of NYC Tech basketball coaches. Totaling a season-high 88 points the Sabers nearly half way into the regular season are proving themselves the men to beat, and that they are coming for the city championship.  

UCHS Blowout1

The Sabers continued to make history with “ATTITUDE” as they annihilated Science Skills only allowing them to tally 11 points in the first half, and remain scoreless the entire 3rd quarter in tonight’s game. 

Senior guard Ahzariah Douglas went coast-to-coast with a finesse finish at the rim for an easy layup expanding the lead to 34 points opening up the 3rd Quarter. The Sabers made defensive history by shutting out their opponents in the third quarter.  The Sabers began to pick up the defensive intensity led by senior guards Doran Williams and Caleb Brown with nine steals each. The Sabers forced 36 total turnovers–many of which led to ‘And one’ scoring opportunities. Williams led the defensive effort with a highlight chase down LeBron style block which completely demoralized the visiting Science Skills team. 

Opening the 4th Quarter Doran Williams continued his hot shooting from the School for Classics game as he opened the 4th quarter firing two 20 ft 3 pointers leading the pack in the fourth. The Sabers received a boost from Uncommon Collegiate Charter school sophomore guard Willking “Jimmy”  Grullon. Making his varsity home debut, Grullon was given a chance to shine and he made the most of his opportunity by making 2/2 free throws and attacked the rim for his own coast-to-coast and-one finish. The Sabers closed out with a final score of 88-17. 

The Sabers travel to South Shore High School for a non-league game tomorrow Saturday December 14th, as they face Scholars’ Academy out of Queens, NY at 10:00am. Location for the game is 6565 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11236. COME SUPPORT YOUR FELLOW SABERS AS THEY CONTINUE THEIR PERFECT SEASON!