In the Depths

By Serenna Antoine Class of 2022

Special to the Uncommon Times from Truth and Storytelling High School 2.0

In Truth and Storytelling students read, watch and analyze powerful works from a range of storytellers, exploring their truths as they relate to our own. More importantly, however, we tell our own, authentic stories, expressing our thoughts and feelings about the themes and issues that matter most to us.

In the Depths

Donna noticed them say that the ocean is like a door to vast and constant opportunity

I completely agree

Only to an extent though

And to this extent I can tell you that the Ocean is both a blessing and a curse

The beautiful way the water dances when the wind blows can be the same waters that end up nasty with waste of the human’s nonchalance

Listen to the waves crash onto the shore, just like the ones that crash upon the house of others who have no way of calling for help

And must float upon their own furniture to survive

Notice how the water is calm and seems cool enough to dip your toe, now notice how the fish are struggling to breathe because oil was spilled in the ocean and how plastic has decided to wrap themself around the neck of a creature who had the foolish moment of curiosity for an object unknown to their world

When the body of water is calling your name, don’t listen

Look at the way the girl on the bridge admires the rushing waves of the sea, and blink once and tell me if you see her now

Well, do you?

Of course not, she ha jumped to the waves because she was told the water is an opportunity for freedom

For relief

The water is a beautiful tragedy that has been bestowed upon us, and yet you still haven’t realized that the ocean is like a mother gently caressing our minds with the lies it has told other people

The ocean may be a mother but it is also that demon that creeps into your nightmares, that keep you paralyzed as you panic for fresh air

Stuck in a captivating and wondrous pocket of blue that takes the eyes of the innocent and steals their life when they cannot see

They say the ocean is like a door to vast and constant opportunity

I don’t agree

Only to an extent though

And to this extent I can tell you that the ocean will tell you they love you and take you from the dry and safe ground, only to send you into a void of nothingness, waiting to prune and decompose just because you didn’t notice its lies

But don’t listen to little old me, go ahead and take your opportunity, I’m sure it wouldn’t kill you

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