HS 2.0: All About LEEP


By Adia Brooks and Aleandra Enoe

Here at UCHS tenth graders are given the opportunity to be in electives, and we wanted to find out more about it. Welcome to LEEP. A member of LEEP, Halle Pierre, said, “Here students learn Life lessons, how to react to situations positively, and how to overcome challenges.

We sat down with student Kayla Bruche and the director of LEEP, Ms. Fuller, to ask a few questions about what this class was like. They gave us an inside scoop into the purpose of LEEP, and how it is run.

Uncommon Times: What does a typical class look like?

Kayla Bruche: Students are asked about their dream careers and given steps on how to get there. In LEEP we are finding ourselves and are taught how to build a foundation for our future

Ms. Fuller: A lot of times when we go to different schools we see that there is a lack of seeing what they want to do outside of school, different career opportunities that they can pursue inside of high school. So, we wanted to open the floor in a session where students can talk about themselves, their experiences, and also what they are interested in right now, inside of high school and then later outside of high school. A lot of times students graduate from high school and they still don’t know what they are going to do next. A lot of times students end up taking a gap year and within that gap year they just like to sit back and chill. So we try to educate students on the different opportunities so that when they are at that level, they are prepared.

Uncommon Times: How has LEEP changed you?

Kayla Bruche: LEEP has given me a better point of view on how to look at things. Before I came to LEEP i never knew that you can take a gap year. I learn new things everyday. I learn different point of views that make me look at situations differently than how I used to look at them.

Uncommon Times: How has LEEP affected your life?

Kayla Bruche: LEEP has caused me to dig deep into what I really like and what I want to do forever. LEEP has shown me the things that I can do to get to that path. It’s shown me how to think and how to prepare myself.

In conclusion, LEEP gives students an escape from the academic world and prepares them for the real world. It helps them make better life decisions and allows them to see a different perspective on real life situations.


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