Uncommon Times: Advice for Quarter 2

It’s a new quarter at UCHS, full of promise and potential. To help their fellow Sabers start the quarter strong, the staff writers from the Uncommon Times offered this advice.


For quarter two I think everyone should do their homework every night. You get started off with a clean slate so you should take advantage of it! I know I don’t focus well at home and I get distracted easily, so I stay back with my teacher and get it done — that way if I need help I can ask, and I’m also getting my work done leaving me time to chill at home.

  • Adia Brooks, Grade 10

Sabers should find a way to relax to reduce anxiety for test and IAs. They also should find a way of studying that best suits them to prepare for those tests.

  • Elise Smith, Grade 10

Do your homework because if not it can bring down your grade and gpa average. Use all the practice you can to master each topic.

  • Iyana Wilson, Grade 10

Keep up with the homework and make sure that it doesn’t catch up and stress you out later. Pace yourself well so that you will get enough sleep!

  • Shania Brown, Grade 10

Keep in mind that teachers are here to teach and help you. Use them to catch up, get ahead, and get on top of your work. If you think a teacher doesn’t like you… it doesn’t matter! Feelings are feelings but your grades help your future ❤

  • Rodley Charles, Grade 10

In quarter 2 in order to keep your grades up,make sure to complete all your homework and turn it in on time, and study for tests and quizzes. If you have office hours or after school activities make sure to attend them.

  • Kelly Castillo, Grade 10


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