UCHS Students Attend Climate March

On Friday, September 20th an estimated 250,000 people, including me, showed up at Foley Square, ready to walk to Battery Park. Most of us were students who just walked out of class to join the fight against climate change. Teenagers filled the streets of Manhattan in unimaginable heat, all sweating but chanting “hey hey, ho ho, climate change has got to go!” Us young kids of the world are going to inherit this world that our parents have left behind, but our world is dying.Climatemarch

The global climate strike was organized by 16 year old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg. Many are astounded that such a young girl planned one of the largest global strikes in history, but this just goes to show that no one is ever too young to fight to make a change in the world. In her speech in Battery Park, Thunberg said “we will hold those who are the most responsible for this crisis accountable..and we will make world leaders act, we can and we will.”     

Seven of UCHS’ own sabers left after 3rd period to participate in the march. “It’s inspiring, “ said UCHS teacher Ms. Samlalsingh, “It’s inspiring to  know [we] are the ones in charge of the future” and it fills her with hope. 

Other participants had similar reasons for attending. For instance, Ms. Kitchens believes that it is important that her students have a world to live in.

“When we think about education we think about empowerment,” Kitchens said. “but what is more empowering than giving students a voice to actually enact change in their community. ” 

Many teens are advocating for climate change above all the other issues they could be fighting for because, climate change is “a present issue…for humanity as a whole and…the United States government has obviously refute[d] the basic evidence that shows that it’s a current issue.” says Basil Henry, a junior at UCHS. 

The world is at stake and it is our job as young adults to take the lead and fight the power because as many signs read:

                       There is no Planet B

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