Sabers Move on to Elite Eight in Playoff Blowout

By Jonathan Mayers Class of 2021

With their 71-38 victory over Community Health Academy Tuesday evening in the second round of the PSAL B division, the Uncommon Sabers move onto the Elite Eight and are now just three victories away from fulfilling their destiny to hang up a PSAL Championship banner in their home gym.

AZ Drive
Ahzariah Douglas attacks all five Community Health defenders late in the 3rd quarter Photo Credit: Mr. Berlin

Junior guard Ahzariah Douglas opened the scoring with a easy basket to get the Sabers momentum flowing, entering a different mindset for the playoffs. That momentum flowed through the entire rest of the team as junior forward Caleb Brown was able to get a points on the board off Douglas’ defensive rebound, which led to a clutch steal from lockdown defender Doran Williams and a deep three pointer from junior Quavon Daniel.

Although the Sabers started off hot, Community Health Academy began to creep on the Sabers firing back with a 3 pointer leaving the Sabers only up three at the end of the first quarter, 17-14.

In the huddle Coach Wright alerted his players that the score shouldn’t be close in this game at all and if the Sabers wanted to expand the lead they would need to crash the glass on both the offensive and defensive ends of the floor.

The Sabers took note on Coach’s words and that produced results early in the 2nd Quarter. Junior DeAndre Abrams opened up the 2nd with a smooth finish in the lane, followed by continuous attempts at the free throw line for his teammate Caleb Brown, who was proficient making 4/4 free throws in the 2nd Quarter. Quavon Daniel finessed with a smooth left hand finish to end the 2nd quarter, but despite the great offensive push, Community Health only trailed by five heading into the halftime break.

Sabers needed more fuel in the locker room and Coach Dave stepped in and told that Sabers that the lead shouldn’t be this close and that the offense will flow automatically if defensive intensity picked up in the second half.

The Sabers heeded those wise words and executed the game plan perfectly. Douglas drove to the lane for an easy two points to get his teammates rolling to score countless buckets off of huge defensive stops and a total of 37 rebounds. This lead was extended with help from the Sabers bench as senior Ethan Vilmé entered the game late 4th Quarter, snagging tough rebounds, and going to the line.. In, the last seconds of the game junior guard Sajed Muhummad put the icing on the cake with a tough corner 3 to end the game.

The Sabers continue their playoff push seeking their first ever PSAL Championship as the move on to the Elite Eight to face Jane Addams High School, this Sunday March 10 at 4:00 PM here at UCHS.

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