How You Should Feel About Pizza

By Josh Joseph-H Class of 2019


Little Caesars is the every-man’s pizza and it’s only this low on the list because it is affordable and average.

pizza hut

When you think pizza, Pizza Hut is the last thing on your mind. It’s dead last on the list for a reason. It is not good. The pizza is either covered in an inhumane amount of grease or is just disgustingly under-cooked. It’s a product that’s assembled and delivered with no care from both the employees and the company itself. It’s not even a pizza, it’s a last resort.


This is only here to make fun of Pizza Hut.




Domino’s is no doubt a good delivery pizza, but it’s still not the best due to the varying levels of quality at any given Domino’s.


Sbarro is a decent pizza, but again it lacks that special distinction to make the pizza worth consistently getting.


Papa Johns is undoubtedly the best delivery pizza. The quality at which it reaches your door is so high they could send the wrong pizza and I’d be fine with it.

papa johns

Cicis is just standard pizza but at a buffet so the quantity increases it’s placement on the list.

cicis pizza


Any non fast food or delivery Pizza is better than what your get delivered to your door 85% of the time.

NYC Pizza


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