Movie Review: ‘Creed’ Breaks the Box Office (Again)

By: Derek Ellison Class of 2020



“You have a choice,” said Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone, to the young Adonis Creed as he’s been challenged by Victor Drago, the son of Ivan Drago, infamously known for killing Apollo Creed in the ring 30 years ago. Adonis Creed – played again by the one and only Michael B. Jordan, is conflicted with emotions as he wants to fight Victor Drago, but has everyone he cares about telling him different. He’s about to make one of the biggest mistakes of his life as Victor is 6’4, 240 lbs compared to Adonis’s 6’0 210 lbs.

Without him going through trials and tribulations the movie would probably be over in the first 30 minutes. However, we all know a blockbuster movie isn’t going to last 30 minutes. When Creed comes to the conclusion that he wants to fight Victor Drago the first person he goes to is his trainer/uncle Rocky Balboa thinking that he is going to have Rocky behind him. However, this is not the case in which Rocky tell him its not worth it, as Adonis has to worry about his fiance Bianca. However, Adonis insists that he has no choice and says that he’ll fight without Rocky.

Adonis then goes to L.A to visit his mother, played by the ravishing Phylicia Rashad, to tell her that he is going to take the fight and she responds by saying that no matter what she says he is going to fight. In order to train he goes to Tony Evers Jr. son of Tony Evers who trained Apollo Creed over 30 years ago, played by the legend Wood Harris. The result of the first fight was brutal as Adonis suffered three broken ribs, a ruptured kidney, and a concussion. After taking the beating from Drago, Creed enters a state of mind that only he could get himself out of. Due to the horrific state that Adonis was in Rocky, paid him a visit which pulled him out of the the bleakness.  At this same moment, Adonis’ life changes again as his fiance, Bianca, goes into labor with his daughter, Amora Creed. Now that he is now a father and knows what he’s fighting for. Now we all know what this means: we have a rematch on our hands.

Drago and Creed

Due to Victor’s unorthodox nature, Rocky had to train Adonis in an unorthodox way, taking him to “hell”– the name of the place where fighters go to find themselves again. Adonis goes through intensive training making him tougher than ever before. As the time comes for the second fight Adonis is on a mission. With the training help of Rocky Balboa, Creed wins the fight and can now visit his father’s burial site and explain that he fought for his daughter and not his father.

Rating: 9.2

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