SUNY Cortland and SUNY Oneonta Visit Recap–By Derek Ellison

SUNY College Trip Recap—By Derek Ellison

If you’re a Saber and thinking about attending SUNY Cortland or SUNY Oneonta here are some pros and cons from the 11th Grade College Trip

SUNY Cortland


In your freshman year of school you will be most likely be placed in a double room with another freshman. However, a great thing about SUNY Cortland is that they try to place everyone with someone who is in a different grade. They do this to expand your relationship opportunities  Another really interesting thing about SUNY Cortland is that they have a state of the art gym, fitness area, huge basketball court (easy access to everyone at any time), pool, hot tubs, you name it: they got it all.  Lastly, but probably the most important, is the food. They offer you 250 Dragon Bucks (named after their mascot), in which you can use at the school stores or cafes to get food in addition to your unlimited meal plan.  All of these perks are included in your meal plan so it’s your choice!


Even though there is a lot of good stuff about this college, no school is perfect. Something that’ll probably make you shy away from this school is the weather. It’s really cold up there! It might feel like they have a good 15 days of summer before it starts to snow.  Despite the weather, keep your Snap live by capturing pictures of deer, baby and full grown, so your Christmas season would probably be fun.

SUNY Oneonta




This school also has a lot of good things about it. The campus is mad nice and gives a nice view of the Catskill Mountains. Their gym is also gigantic and open to any student if NCAA teams are not practicing in there. If you’re not really a gym person, and you like arts, this is the school for you!  SUNY Oneonta has a great theater where they hold recitals, plays, concerts etc. Academically, the classes are very small so you don’t have to worry about being in a 500 student lecture hall.  This means you’re able to form closer relationships with the professor—they stress that office hours with professors are available and beneficial.


Again, like most of Upstate New York, this place is cold.  Also they will assign you a roommate in your grade which puts more of the responsibility on each student to make friends.  If you’re not a huge stair person, this isn’t the school for you. Oneonta has stairs, hills, and everything in between.


 By: Derek Ellison: Staff Writer


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